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Pequeno Martillo (Little Hammer).

  In the time that Hammer and Robin have owned the business they have not had a chance to vacation together. Besides 2 or 3 pet supply trade shows a year, Hammer and Robin have had to take separate vacations to keep the store running. Thanks to Belinda and Karen they were able to take a trip to Costa Rica with some of Robin’s friends from New England where she grew up. 

  Life has a way of bringing you to the right place at the right time.

Manzanillo Costa Rica is a remote town on the Caribbean side. It is south down by the Panama border. It is a 5 hour drive from Costa Rica’s major city San Jose and down the coast from Limon. 

   Hammer and Robin were taking a walk in the Manzanillo Wild Life Refuge with their friends Wendy and Bob Miller. The Refuge is just about a twenty minute walk from the Cabanas they were staying at. Wendy came across a small dog that was limping in the Jungle. He had two wounds on his hind end. The larger of the two was on his left hind leg. Wendy was bound and determined to get the little guy help anyway she could but we were unable to get the dog to come to us then we eventually lost him in the jungle. We asked a few locals if they have seen this dog. One said not today but they had seen him attacked by two larger dogs the day before. We figure this is how he was wounded.

  The very next morning when Hammer walked out of the cabana, there on the door step was that same little dog. Some way he knew what cabana to spend the night at. The first thing that Robin did was get a hold of Wendy to see how we could get that dog to the nearest veterinarian in the nearby city of Puerto Viejo. Wendy was able to get a local to give her and Robin a ride to the veterinarian with the dog who we were now calling Martillo. Martillo is Spanish for Hammer.

  At the Veterinarian, the X-rays showed that the dog’s leg was severely broken and the leg would have to be amputated. Any more time Martillo would have spent out in the jungle, his bone would have broken through the skin and he would have died. Wendy and Robin set it up to have the dog’s leg amputated and have him neutered at the same time.

  Wendy had set up with a local bar and restaurant owner of a little place called Cool & Calm to adopt Martillo if we agreed to pay the vet bills. Andy the owner of Cool & Calm himself is an amputee who had lost his leg in an earth quake as a child. What a perfect match.

  Two days later Wendy and Robin picked up Martillo from his successful operation. Robin wanted to keep Martillo with her and Hammer the first night to make sure all was good. Little Martillo was just great. He took to three legs right away. We weren’t sure (like any dog) if he enjoyed his temporary cone but when Hammer would let him out to do his business Martillo was very quick and balanced on his three legs.

   The last day in Costa Rica they were able to give Martillo to Andy with his medication and instructions. It was a brand new friendship between two amputees. Andy was the perfect partner for Martillo knowing firsthand what Martillo was going through. Martillo was an instant celebrity at Cool & Calm taking over Andy’s chair.

  Hammer’s Healthy Hounds let Wendy know that because they have the best customers in the world, that they would take care of the Vet Bill. This made Hammer and Robin notice all the homeless and free rooming Dogs and cats in that area of Costa Rica. Most of these animals are not spayed or neutered. Hammer’s Healthy Hounds will be working with a Costa Rican rescue to obtain funds for spay or neutering and health needs of dogs and cats. Costa Rica is great on rescuing local injured animals like Sloths, Monkeys and other wild animals. Hammer and Robin visited the rescue center but there is a big opportunity with the domestic dogs and cats.  This goes hand and hand. Free roaming dogs attack the Sloths and a big dent could be put in this by spay or neutering.

   Please help Hammer’s Healthy Hounds support these helpless animals and stay tuned for updates on Martillo and Andy @ Hammershealthyhounds.com


     God Bless